Harper Has Covered Spiritbox’s ‘Silk In The Strings’

Harper is seeing out an incredible year with another Spiritbox cover, and it’s once again phenomenal.

Harper has been one of the most incredible years that anyone could ask for.

From going viral and appearing on America’s Got Talent to joining Spiritbox on stage and releasing her own debut single, she has been everywhere and is still only getting started.

And to see out 2022 and see in 2023, she is going back to where it all started.

With Spiritbox.

This time she has taken on ‘Silk In The Strings’, the glacial and guttural track from last year’s ‘Eternal Blue’.

And once again, she absolutely nails it. Delivering every single growl perfectly and showing off her total control over her tone, it’s an indicator of just how far she has come.

Have a listen for yourself below:

And here is what it sounded like when she did ‘Holy Roller’ originally:

And here’s ‘Falling’, because it’s just so ace:

We chatted to Harper all about everything that she has been up to via Video Call, and you can check that out below:

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