Harpy Shares Dark New Track ‘Medicine’

Harpy is back with brand new music. Are you ready for the horror show?

Harpy has returned with a brand new track, a year on from her last offering. 

And it’s a blood-thirsty one.

The song is called ‘Medicine’, and it slivers its way into your ear before sinking its teeth in, propelled by bubbling synths, sharp chords and soaring vocals. 

It’s a hedonistic, horror-filled piece of pitch black alt-pop that is as intriguing as it is intoxicating. 

Harpy had this to say about it:

“Sometimes we don’t want to be saved. Sometimes we want to feel the pain, to revel in the misery. We do things that are bad for us, because sometimes they feel good… so good that we go back to them again, and again, and again. That’s what Medicine is about.”

Here it is, step on in:

It follows on from ‘Into The Dark’, which sounds a lot like this:

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