Hell’s Ditch Release New Track ‘Take The Night Off’

Hell’s Ditch are dealing out more of the sort of rousing and vital music that can only be forged on the streets of the UK.

Hell’s Ditch have released a new track, and it is one of that will resonate with pretty much everybody.

It’s called ‘Take The Night Off’ and details the experiences of many as they make their way through what is happening in the UK right now, and how important it is to be allowed to live a life away from the stresses and strains that so many are bound to.

Between the cost of living crisis and the uncertainty that it invokes to the endless stream of bad news that we are force fed every day, this is a song that reminds us that it’s okay to dance and smile and live a little.

The band had this to say about it:

We’re made to feel lucky that we have a job and that we should be grateful for the opportunity to fight over scraps from the tables of the political class. People deserve more than just the bare minimum – we deserve dignity and good quality of life. Take The Night Off is about the need to live a life beyond the daily grind. Bread and roses, if you will. The video is a visual snapshot of Lincoln, our home. But it could really be any city in the UK. It shows someone at a crossroads wanting to break away from the monotony and hardship of their everyday life and express themselves.”

Here we go, have a lovely time:

If you fancy hearing a bit more, here’s ‘Hope Is Hope’:

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