Hundred Reasons Release New Track ‘The Old School Way’

Another week and another stunning new track from Hundred Reasons.

Hundred Reasons are steaming forward with releasing new tracks from their first album in 15 years.

And yet again, it is another absolute stunner.

It’s called ‘The Old School Way’ is an emotional look at people who don’t take account for their actions and the effect that has as time passes. It’s the sort of song that deals with a subject that gets more and more potent with time and having it wrapped up in such irresistibly spine-tingling melodies just pushed the sentiment home even harder.

Vocalist Colin Doran had this to say about it:

“The subject matter for this is about not taking responsibility for your actions. I’ve known someone who never takes ownership of their mistakes and it’s always the fault of someone else rather than them. These people then choose to avoid the subject or the person wronged to avoid effectively being called out, when if they just admitted they acted horribly in the first place, then maybe certain roads would not be taken.”

Here it is:

The band’s new album ‘Glorious Sunset’ will be released on February on February 24.

Here’s the beautiful title track:

And here’s the astonishing ‘New Glasses’:

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