Hundred Reasons Share Beautiful New Track

Hundred Reasons are releasing their first album in a decade and a half next year, and it is sounding so wonderful so far.

Hundred Reasons have shared the second piece of their upcoming new album ‘Glorious Sunset’, their first release since 2007.

And based off the output so far, it is set to be an absolute home run.

This offering is called ‘New Glasses’ and is one hell of an anthem. Melody upon glorious melody builds up to the Heavens over the course of its near four-minute runtime, sending shivers up your spine multiple times. It’s a pure and powerful demonstration of what exquisite songwriters the band are, bringing their skill set crashing into the modern day in the most wonderful of ways.

Vocalist Colin Doran had this to say about it:

“The lyrics for this song are really about a person I used to work with that spent lots of time treating people badly to cover up their own inadequacies. They were not good at their job but, due to their massive ego and how they wished to be perceived by others, preferred to make others feel deficient. The song describes how I came to realise this. The amusing thing is that it was a working title as when we started writing it, Larry had actually got new glasses that day but the name stuck.”

And here it is. It’s so fucking good:

‘Glorious Sunset’ will be released on February 24 via SO Recordings.

Here’s the title track:

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