Ice Nine Kills Announce New Graphic Novel

Every great piece of art needs a sequel, and Ice Nine Kills’ graphic novel Inked In Blood is no different.

Ice Nine Kills have announced that they have teamed up with Z2 Comics once more for a sequel to their graphic novel Inked In Blood.

Inked In Blood II: Once Upon A Crime is its name and is available to pre-order from right HERE

The cover art looks like this, which was designed by Mike Cortada:

It’s been created by INK’s Spencer Charnas with co-writer Ryan J. Downey and artists Nino Cammarata and Giorgia Sposito.

Here’s a synopsis of the novel:

Ice Nine Kills—Inked in Blood II escalates the tension from the first volume,introducing Max Charnas—the identical twin brother of INK mastermind Spencer Charnas—who hatches a plan to blackmail, frame, and destroy his sibling. The new volume ignites at The Silver Scream Con, the real-world Massachusetts gathering that debuted last August, where the blood and power chords continue to fly. The resulting thrill ride packs more crunch and hooks than an Ice Nine Kills breakdown, with serial killers and doppelgängers cleaving a bloody path from panel to panel.”

Ice Nine Kills released their latest album ‘Welcome To Horrowood: The Silver Scream 2’ last year.

Here’s their latest video, and piece in the huge cinematic story, for ‘The Shower Scene’:

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