Invent Animate Release Emotional New Track ‘Elysium’

Invent Animate’s new track is a musing on grief and its different, and unpredictable, stages.

Invent Animate have shared a new song, and it’s a powerful one.

It’s called ‘Elysium’ and is an atmospheric and pain-staking piece of modern metalcore brute force.

It’s a song that focuses on grief and how it doesn’t always hit when you may expect it. It is a journey in itself, and there is always more to learn from it.

Vocalist Marcus Vik had this to say about it:

“When my grandfather got sick, I was a 15-year-old boy with no emotional grip on my world. We were close, but his sickness was something I didn’t see. It might’ve been because I didn’t want to see it or that I was too scared. When he passed, I didn’t comprehend the mourning, I didn’t feel it, and that made me feel shame. It took me 12 years to wake up one day and embrace it, and it hit me like a wave of odd emotions that I’ve never felt before. Grief is upon me and this is the story of me looking back, searching my inner self and looking forward.”

Here it is. It is a bit special.

It follows on from ‘Shade Astray’, and sounds a lot like this:

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