Jamie Lenman Announces New Album ‘The Athiest’

Jamie Lenman is delving into different sides of his musical passion on this brand new full-length album.

Jamie Lenman has revealed the details of a brand new full-length, and it’s a new angle on his musical spectrum.

It’s called ‘The Athiest’ and will be released on November 25 via Big Scary Monsters.

Jamie had this to say about where it came from and what it means to him:

“I’ve got into the habit of saying, whenever I have a new record out, ‘I’ve been trying to do something like this for a really long time’, because they typically have very lengthy gestation periods with a lot of thought going in,” says Lenman of what fans can expect from the new album.

“This one is no exception – I’ve always loved mellowed-out indie rock like Gemma Hayes and Pete Yorn and I’ve always wanted to make an album with that sound. Trying to focus on simple songs, looking for any place we could add a bit of extra sugar – a little bit saccharine, but also slightly snide and in some places softly sad. The end result is – I hope – a bittersweet experience.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. This Is All There Is
02. Talk Hard
03. Hospital Tree
04. Deep Down
05. Lena Don’t Leave Me
06. My Anchor
07. Bad Friend
08. Song On My Tongue
09. This Town Will Never Let Us Go
10. The Wedding Ring
11. War of Doubt

There’s a new song for you to listen to as well.

It’s ‘Lena Don’t Leave Me’, and is a bright love song brimming with infectious poetry and romantic loveliness.

Jamie had this to say about it:

“It’s a song about what it actually means to refer to your partner as your ‘other half’. That’s how I feel about my wife and I. We started out as two separate people and over the past twenty five years we’ve grown into two halves of a whole person. She fills up my missing parts and I fill hers – not that she has as many as I do. I always feel when people are talking to me that they’re only really getting half the story if she’s not around, just like it says in the song. And not the best half, either!”

“When I was a kid I loved bands like Queen with all their pomp, and then as a teenager I turned the other way with Nirvana’s punk philosophy. I went through the post-hardcore thing with all the awkward timings and chonky riffs, and now I find myself leaning back towards those giants of stadium rock. I wrote ‘Lena’ to see if I could do something like Toto, with my best impression of Brian May’s guitar solos. It’s my love letter to all those classic power ballads – it’s so uncool, it’s cool.”

Here we go:

You can also hear ‘Talk Hard’ right now as well:

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