Jesus Piece Announce New Album ‘…So Unknown’

Jesus Piece are going to be taking over this year. Make sure you’re on board early.

Photo: Kayla Menze

No longer hardcore’s hardest and best-kept secret. Jesus Piece have announced their Century Media Records debut.

It’s going to be called ‘…So Unknown’ and will be released on April 10.

Drummer Luis Aponte had this to say about it:

“The making of the record was nothing short of all-consuming. It was an intense and challenging process,” recalls Aponte. “The record reflects a lot of confusion, but also, evolution. There was a lot of uncertainty and emotion during the pandemic– we all changed and grew so much. So if there is a single thought or concept to the record, it’s constant metamorphosis. That’s also how we operated as a band on this LP– spending a lot of time songwriting and fleshing things out as a unit, and then upping our game from there. It’s definitely a reflection of us as more mature, playing the best we’ve ever played and feeling like a real band for the first time.

“This is as close to a JESUS PIECE experience as you’re going to get without standing in front of us.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. In Constraints
02. Fear of Failure
03. Tunnel Vision
04. FTBS
05. Silver Lining
06. Gates Of Horn
07. Profane
08. An Offering To The Night
09. Stolen Life
10. The Bond

You can also hear ‘Gates Of Horn’ right now, and it is going to knock your head clean off.

Dark, direct and devastating, it is hardcore at its most immediate and intense.

Get stuck in below:

It follows on from ‘An Offering To The Night’, which sounds like this:

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