Jetski Release Stirring Video For Beautiful Track ‘Curbside’

Jetski have pumped gorgeous sentiment into the cinematic clip for the closing track of their debut EP.

Jetski have shared a visual accompaniment to their track ‘Curbside’, a left turn from their usual sound, but a wholly welcome one.

The song is dripping in broken-hearted, tear-stained sentiment, and the clip, created in collaboration with While She Sleeps Aaran McKenzie, matches the beauty perfectly.

Stunning locations, sharp light and plenty of despondent feeling on show, it is a wonderful showing from the band and one that will stick with you long after it has faded away.

Vocalist/guitarist Charles Fitzgerald had this to say about it:

“‘Curbside’ is a new direction for us as we are primarily known for our bouncy, sunshine driven energy. ‘Curbside’ was a chance for us to show we can slow things down, draw people in and out of different emotional environments multiple times throughout a song. This is us opening the door into a more personal world that we intend to keep open moving forward.

“This is without a doubt our largest scale video production yet, the song is huge so we needed a video to compliment that. It’s the first time we’ve not written or had complete control over the narrative, working with Aaran Mckenzie from While She Sleeps made that so comfortable, his framing of our ideas while implementing his own throughout has resulted in something truly beautiful and we can’t thank him enough for it.”

Here it is:

And if you fancy a bit more, here’s ‘Joey and Zoe’:

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