Kaonashi Release New Track ‘I Hate The Sound Of Car Keys’

Kaonashi are back with a new track, and it is absolutely unreal.

Kaonashi have released their first new music since their album, ‘Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year’, and they continue to be on another level completely.

The new track is called ‘I Hate The Sound Of Car Keys’ and is as frantic, frank and fantastic as post-hardcore gets.

A stark and raw account of trauma, family and the pain that both can cause, it is the embodiment of what it feels like to be pushed to the very edge.

Delivering such heated emotions in such a way is something that comes naturally to Kaonashi though, and the result is so incredibly vicious and vital.

Have a listen to it below. It will stick with you:

To get you all caught up, here’s ‘An Evening Of Moving Pictures With Scooter Corkle’ from ‘Dear Lemon House…’:

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