Kim Dracula Releases Chaotic New Track ‘Drown’

Kim Dracula has all the makings of a phenomenon, and their latest track further cements that in a truly unique and undeniable fashion.

Kim Dracula is unlike any artist you have ever seen.

Rising through the ranks with their unique approach to heavy music, they have just shared a new song that embodies their chaos perfectly.

That song is ‘Drown’, which fuses together soaring modern metal, gritty trap-metal, playful crunkcore, atmospheric post-hardcore and crushing metalcore.

It’s a barrage of sounds and styles and is as weird as it is wonderful. A truly individual and intense look into the workings of alternative culture that feels like only the beginning of what is set to be a fascinating story.

Get stuck into it below, alongside a stunning video:

It follows on from ‘Make Me Famous’, which dropped earlier this year and is just as absolutely off-the-rails brilliant:

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