Kittie Unleash Feisty New Single ‘One Foot In The Grave’

Kittie have shared the latest cut from their first full-length album in thirteen years, ‘Fire’, with the feisty new single ‘One Foot In The Grave’.

Image credit: Dante Dellamore

The band’s long-awaited new album set to arrive on June 21 after a 13-year hiatus, the new track follows the release of comeback single 'Eyes Wide Open’, cathartic cut 'We Are Shadows’, and the explosive 'Vultures’.

Settled into their new label home at Sumerian Records, the band’s vocalist and guitarist Morgan Lander has spoken about ‘One Foot In The Grave’:

“The excitement is palpable in anticipation of our forthcoming album release, with the unleashing of our latest offering ‘One Foot In The Grave’. It’s a feisty, high-energy song about coming back from the dead and rising from the ashes so to speak, paralleling our real life experiences as of late. Letting go of the demons of the past to begin anew is something that resonates with us deeply!” 

Check it out below.

With the release of ‘Fire’ just around the corner, the band have also spoken about what it means to breathe fresh life into their project:

“10 years ago, if someone would have told us that we would be releasing new KITTIE music in 2024, we’d have dismissed them right away. It feels like something deeper than fate that’s brought us together again, allowing us to create something fearless and magical for you. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past year, and surrounded ourselves with the ultimate dream team to make this album a reality. We cannot wait for you to lose yourselves in the passion and strength of ‘Fire’.”

Check out the artwork and tracklisting for ‘Fire’ below.

1. Fire
2. I Still Wear This Crown
3. Falter
4. Vultures
5. We Are Shadows
6. Wound
7. One Foot in the Grave
8. Are You Entertained
9. Grime
10. Eyes Wide Open

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