L.S. Dunes Release Vulnerable New Track ‘2022’

L.S. Dunes have shared their second-ever track, and it is a vital account of the hardest parts of the last two years.

After launching themselves last month, L.S. Dunes have shared another track from their upcoming debut album ‘Past Lives’.

It’s the opening track, and it is a bit special.

It’s called ‘2022’ and is a pummelling piece of psychedelic post-hardcore mastery, showing off the more jangly parts of each of the member’s musical repertoires.

It’s a change of pace from their first offering, but a welcome one, showing off just how far this project is set to venture.

Vocalist Anthony Green had this to say about it and what it means to him:

“I wrote 2022 when I was struggling to communicate the pain that I was in during the pandemic. I survived an overdose the previous year and was feeling like I would never be free of the obsession to get high, or just get out of my own skin and that I was only going to continue to hurt everyone I loved. It was a cop-out and easier for me to write a song rather than get honest and real with the people in my life–cry for help in a way. If there’s a positive take away, it’s that it’s never a burden to the people you love to share your feelings no matter how dark or painful it might be.”

Here we go then, dive in:

“Past Lives’ is set for release on November 11 via Fantasy Records.

Here’s debut single ‘Permanent Rebellion’:

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