Lake Malice Release Chaotic New Track ‘Black Turbine’

Lake Malice are back with more forward-thinking ferocity that you’re going to be obsessed with.

Lake Malice have returned with a new track, further expanding their sonic universe.

And it’s a bit of a belter.

It’s called ‘Black Turbine’ and is a forward-thinking and furious piece of British alternative brilliance.

Blending crushing riffs with soaring melodies and crispy electronics, they create a unique and unrestrained beast that ebbs and flows between beauty and brutality with playful glees.

Vocalist Alice Guala had this to say about what the track represents:

“’Black Turbine’ is a commentary about toxicity in codependent relationships. It’s an ode to being independent and holding onto individuality.”

And here it is, alongside a dramatic and haunting video:

It follows on from ‘Magic Square’ which sounds like this:

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