Lazy Queen Release Brilliant Video For ‘Option To Nothing’

Lazy Queen played their new single for unsuspecting viewers on Omegle and Chat Roulette and the results were fascinating.

Lazy Queen recently released a new track called ‘Option To Nothing’, a frantic piece of spiky pop-rock.

And they have now given it a unique video.

The band took to Omegle and Chat Roulette and played the song live for them. The results were joyful, funny, unexpected and unique, showing off the wide array of people spending their time trying to connect with strangers online.

Vocalist Henrik García Søberg had this to say about where the idea came from and what it represents:

“A central drive of Lazy Queen has always been to make a genuine connection with people through the music and thematics of the band, and to build a community. The very personal connection with strangers through art was the most appealing to me as a fan, and stays the same as a creator. And even though we were still making and releasing music during the lockdowns, we realised there was this void that we needed to fill – something was missing from the experience. We didn’t realise this void even existed because it was never a question to not tour or play live. And with the live industry still being a bit of a mess post-pandemic, we thought that we could either sit around and wait for everything to stabilise and wait for the opportunity to tour different countries, or we could go out and search for ad create these much-needed connections in our own way.”

And this about the actual track:

“This track is meant to be a straight kick in the teeth. We’ve always been drawn to contrasts and contradictions, like pairing dark lyrics with bright melodies, but sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta pair despair with despair. The song is a reminder that it could always get worse. And it will.”

Here it is:

And here is ‘Bedhead’, taken from their EP ‘ Human Reaction’:

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