Letters Sent Home Announce New EP ‘Fire In Me’

If you like your post-hardcore atmospheric, dark and brimming with drama, Letters Sent Home are for you.

Letter Sent Home have revealed that they have a new EP coming out. 

It’s going to be called ‘Fire In Me’ and will be released on December 02 via Hassle.

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Fire
02. Born To Die
03. Phoenix
04. Misery Loves Company (feat. Joel Quartuccio)
05. Misery Loves Company (Stripped)
06. Misery Loves Company (LSH Version)

They’ve also shared a new track called ‘Born To Die’, brimming with atmospheric melody and bludgeoning intent.

Here it is:

And you can also check out ‘Misery Loves Company’, which sounds a lot like this:

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