Listen To Alex Melton’s Beautiful Cover Of Four Year Strong’s ‘Seventeen’

Alex Melton is showing off another piece of this upcoming debut album, specifically the country makeover of scene staples.

Alex Melton’s debut album ‘Southern Charm’ is coming up very quickly, so he is sharing more of what to expect from it.

Made up of half country songs given a scene makeover and half scene songs given a country makeover, it’s a celebration of both sides of Alex’s passion for music.

And now he has shared a take on a Four Year Strong track.

Specifically, it’s ‘Seventeen’ which appeared on the band’s introspective 2020 album ‘Brain Pain’ and talks about looking back to those early days of living and loving.

And when presented in the form of a breezy country acoustic anthem, it takes on a whole new level of depth and directness.

Alex had this to say about it:

The moment I heard this chorus, I knew this was going to become one of my favorite Four Year Strong songs. These guys wrote a rowdy love letter to their youth, complete with a monster guitar riff right in the middle of everything. Working with Alan Day on this cover was a pretty surreal moment for me; he was very gracious and took the time to give his own song a thoughtful and intricate treatment. We took that amazing chorus guitar hook and spread it over a plethora of different instruments, while transforming the brash energy of the original verses into contemplative reminiscences. Top it off with huge chorus harmonies, and you got a hit.

Here it is:

‘Southern Charm’ is set for release on January 23 via Pure Noise Records.

It will also feature this beefed-up version of ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’:

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