Listen To Black Veil Brides’ New EP ‘The Mourning’

As big as it gets, Black Veil Brides deliver some of their biggest metal bangers on their new EP.

Black Veil Brides have released a brand new EP, and it is a beauty.

‘The Mourning’ finds the band diving back into the big, bold, brutal metal that established them following on the dense storytelling of ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’.

Driving riffs, fiery solos and Andy Biersack’s caramel tones, it is a recipe for something special.

Andy had this to say about it:

“We are so excited to share The Mourning with our fans who have supported us for so many years. They have lifted us up and are the reason we are able to have a career making music. A lot of this record touches on how galvanized we felt coming out of a very tumultuous few years as a band. It is a genuine representation of how reenergized we feel. Not only as musicians, but also as friends.

The making of our previous record The Phantom Tomorrow with Erik Ron was one of the greatest experiences we’ve had collectively in the studio. The reception to that album was so passionate from the BVB Army that we felt like it was a no brainer to continue writing and recording with Erik and Anthony. This is how we came to  put together this EP that I think is a great illustration of where we are as a band and where we want to continue to go musically moving forward.

It’s pissed off, hopeful, introspective, honest and above all else something we are extremely proud to release.”

Here we go then.

First up is ‘Devil’, a thrashing epic full of pit-spinning intensity:

Then ‘Saviour II’, a sequel to the track ‘Saviour’ from 2011’s ‘Set The World On Fire’:

Then ‘The Revival’, brimming with the sort of melodies made for the world’s biggest stages:

And finally, ‘Better Angels’, the slow-burning closer that creeps up the spine wonderfully:

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