Listen To The Funky New Track From Stay Free

Stay Free is a new chapter from the Boy Jumps Ship lads, and ‘Future Self’ is the first sentence.

May we introduce you to Stay Free.

The new band from the lads behind Boy Jumps Ship, serving as a clean slate and palette cleanser of what has come before, they have shared a new track.

And it’s a vibrant one.

With funky riffs, blasts of neon light and some of the most infectious melodies you will hear today, it’s a bright start for a project with so much promise at its core.

The band had this to say about it:

“We’re so excited to release new music, it’s by far the most exciting thing we have ever been a part of as musicians, and we’re excited to get it out there and release new tunes consistently. Working with Jason [Perry, Produder] was a blast, it’s the most fun we have ever had in the studio.”

Heeeeere we go:

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