Listen To Two Brand New Avril Lavigne Tracks

Avril Lavigne has released a deluxe edition of her album ‘Love Sux’, which means brand new music.

Avril Lavigne has released an expanded version of her recent album ‘Love Sux’.

And that means that there is brand new music to get your teeth into.

There are two new songs, to be specific.

There’s ‘Pity Party’, which is a blink-and-miss-it piece of driving pop-punk all about seeing through the crocodile tears of the person who has just messed you around.

And ‘Mercury In Retrograde’, which more of a modern sound talking about how the planets have such an effect on your mood and perception of yourself:

They join the already released ‘I’m A Mess’, the heart-fluttering ballad that features YUNGBLUD:

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