Lorna Shore Release Dark New Track ‘Pain Remains II: After All I’ve Done, I’ll Disappear’

The second piece of Lorna Shore’s ambitious ‘Pain Remains’ trilogy of tracks is here, and adds new layers of drama to the heartbreak.

Lorna Shore kicked off the most ambitious and incredible moment in their career recently with the release of ‘Dancing Like Flames’, the first piece of their ‘Pain Remains’ trilogy of tracks.

And now the story continues with ‘After All I’ve Done, I’ll Disappear’.

Where the first part set things up with utter heartbreaking, this new piece of the puzzle delves deeper into what grief can do to you both on the inside and outside.

It’s heavy as all sin, and even features a key change, something that Lorna Shore have mastered on this upcoming record.

It’s grand, dark and bristling with intoxicating storytelling.

Here it is, and there is a trigger warning for self harm, so approach with caution:

And here is ‘Dancing Like Flames’:

‘Pain Remains’ will be released on October 14 via Century Media.

Here’s ‘Cursed To Die’, as an extra treat:

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