Manchester Orchestra Release Stunning New Track ‘No Rule’

Manchester Orchestra have shared a song that started life during an album session and then took on a life of its own.

Manchester Orchestra are back with more life-affirmingly beautiful offerings.

Their new track is called ‘No Rule’ and started out as an idea during the sessions for their brilliant 2021 album ‘The Million Masks Of God’.

A delicate, thoughtful, spine-tingling piece of building wonderfulness, it is storytelling as its finest from a band that continues to push itself forward in the most extraordinary of ways.

Whizzing and banging with kinetic energy, it is an absolute joy.

Vocalist Andy Hull had this to say about it all:

“We are very proud to release our new song ‘No Rule’ into the world. Written and worked on during the Million Masks sessions, this brave soul took a little longer to cook than the rest. We hope you enjoy. All Love. M.O.”

And as an extra treat, here’s ‘Bed Head’ from ‘The Million Masks Of God’:

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