Mimi Barks Releases Vicious New Track ‘ASHES’

Mimi Barks’ new mixtape ‘DEAD GIRL’ drops very soon, so here’s one more incendiary offering to tide you over.

Mimi Barks is set to release her new mixtape ‘DEAD GIRL’ this Friday (December 16), and has shared one more taster to keep you going till then.

It’s called ‘ASHES’ and is a spiky and savage piece of vital and vicious affirmations about not letting anyone stop you from speaking your truth.

And the video is an epic, showing off what it was like to be burned at the stake as a witch back in the 15th century.

Mimi had this to say about the track:

“Women who posed a threat during the dark ages were accused of being witches, intimidated, burned alive, and sentenced to execution. Today, ever since the Age of Enlightenment, a creative, strong-willed, and self-assured woman still gets burnt to the stake verbally by those led by their own anxieties.”

Here we go:

Here’s what she had to say about what ‘DEAD GIRL’ represents:

“The DEADGIRL Mixtape is the conclusion of an era of suffering and self-destruction.

From hatred for myself and the world, narcissistic & delusional aloofness, and chaos in my brain, to self-growth through spirituality. From self-hailing to self-healing, this is the final dance for letting go of the past.

It’s the rebirth of a broken child, a DEADGIRL.

Now reborn as a leader, as her own god; indestructible and inviolable.

This is revenge.”

Mimi will also be heading out for a short UK/EU tour next year.

Here are the dates:

MARCH 2023

16 – LONDON Black Heart
17 – HAARLEM Patronaat
19 – BERLIN Kantine Am Berghain

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