MOD SUN Joins Forces With Steve Aoki & Global Dan For The Massive ‘Movie Star’

Steve Aoki’s new album ‘HIROQUEST: Genesis’ is out now, and features a whole load of collaborations. Including this belter.

Steve Aoki has just dropped his new album ‘HIROQUEST: Genesis’, an expansive collection of genre-crossing modern EDM. 

And it’s chock full of big guest stars, including our mate MOD SUN.

He appears on ‘Movie Star’ alongside Global Dan, and it is a banger. 

A song dripping in good times and fuelled on friendship, it’s an infectious and intricate piece of catchy pop-rock that brings out the best in all of its participants. 

Get stuck into it below, it’s really good fun:

Steve teamed up with grandson and Jasiah for ‘KULT’ as well, which sounds like this:

MOD SUN recently released a stunning video for his emotional track ‘Battle Scars’:

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