New Years Day Have Shared A Brutal New Track ‘Hurts Like Hell’

New Years Day are back!

New Years Day have returned with their first new music in three years, and it’s an absolute bruiser. 

It’s called ‘Hurts Like Hell’ and finds the band at their devastating and devilish, dealing out bludgeoning riffs and defiant imagery aplenty. 

It’s savage, slick and set to pin itself to the inside of your head for the foreseeable.

Ash Costello had this to say about it:

“‘Hurts Like Hell’ might seem like a song about a relationship on the surface; in a way, it is, I suppose. As I struggled to navigate how to continue to pursue my passion during the pandemic, I realized that chaos is where I thrive. I will stare down any obstacle, even if I look like a crazy person to subject myself to it. Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘We all know people who are so afraid of pain that they shut themselves up […] and shrink until life is a mere living death.’ Turning pain into progress and tragedy into triumph is a particularly satisfying victory. As the saying goes: ‘nothing worth having comes easy.’ That is what ‘Hurts Like Hell’ means to me. The song is an acceptance and celebration of my relationship with chaos.”

And here it is:

The band’s last full-length ‘Unbreakable’ dropped back in 2019, and featured ‘Skeletons’ which sounded like this:

We caught up with Ash via Video Call to talk all about new music, and you can catch up with that below:

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