Nickelback Release Smokey New Track ‘High Time’

Nickelback’s new album ‘Get Rollin” is just days away from dropping, and they have shared one more road trip anthem to get you ready.

Nickelback are about to drop their new album ‘Get Rollin”, a record all about the simpler things in life and the joy of getting out there and seeing the world.

And that sentiment is perfectly embodied in ‘High Time’, their last taster.

As much of a road trip anthem as it is an ode to the old Mary Jane, it is the band at their most playful and care-free.

It’s sun-stained, smile-inducing and readymade for your next adventure.

Here it is:

‘Get Rollin” will be yours on November 18 via BMG.

It will also feature ‘Those Days’:

And ‘San Quentin’:

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