NOFX’s Fat Mike Launches New Label ‘Bottles To The Ground’

Fat Mike has launched a new imprint from his label Fat Wreck Chords, which is already full of many ace bands.

As he releases their new album ‘Double Album’ and prepares for their last year as a band, NOFX’s Fat Mike has revealed that he has launched a new label.

It’s called Bottles To The Ground and is an imprint from his other label Fat Wreck Chords.

It’s a place for the other projects from him and other members of NOFX to live, and is owned by all of them, as well as bands they love that don’t fit in with the Fat Wreck style.

He had this to say about it:

“When NOFX first played Amsterdam in 1988, we were invited to the closing night of one of the most infamous squats in the city. Not just a squat, this was a punk bar that instructed everyone to smash all glasses and bottles on the street after we emptied them. Apparently, there would be no repercussions from the city because no one owned it. So, we drank all night along with hundreds of punks and every fucking bottle got smashed. To me, it looked like how punk rock music should feel. Bottles to the Ground is the beauty of disaster.

First up on the roster is Mike’s new project Codefendants, and here is their new single ‘Death By Pigs’:

Then there is Melvinator, the EDM project from guitarist Eric Melvin.

Here’s his first single, ‘American Errorist’:

And finally, for now, there is The Meffs.

Here’s ‘Broken Britain Broken Brains’:

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