nothing, nowhere. On Working With Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz

Joe guides us through the collaborations on his latest album ‘Void Eternal’.

nothing,nowhere. just dropped his excellent, nostalgic and forward-thinking new album 'Void Eternal’ featuring a whole host of dream collaborators, including Underoath, Lorna Shore's Will Ramos, Static Dress and his longtime mentor – Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

Pete appeared on the album’s first single ‘CYAN1DE’ and in our new interview, Joe opened up about working on the track together:

“Pete’s been a mentor of mine for years and he was one of the first people to really believe in me and champion the things that I was doing. I texted him like ‘hey, would you be willing to come out of screaming retirement for my new record?’. And he just texted back ‘hell yeah’.”

And as Joe revealed, the final recording initially took him by surprise, saying “I wanted to bring back that sort of vibe from a song like ‘Saturday’ or those older songs that he would scream on. I didn’t give him any direction really, I just sent him the instrumental. He sent it back and I couldn’t believe…I was like, is this Pete? I called up Zakk Cervini who recorded it with him like ‘this is Pete?’. He’s even better at screaming than he was which I didn’t even know was possible.”

Joe also hinted during our chat the pair may end up performing the song live when he joins FOB on select dates of their upcoming tour in support of latest album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’.

Watch the full interview with nothing, nowhere. on the ‘Void Eternal’ collaborations above.

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