nothing,nowhere. Shares Beautiful One Take Version Of ‘M1SERY_SYNDROME’

It’s been a while, but nothing,nowhere. is back in the One Take hot seat, this time taking on his latest single ‘M1SERY_SYNDROME’

There’s nothing quite like a nothing,nowhere. One Take, is there?

A raw, emotional and vulnerable look at Joe’s music, presented in the most beautiful of ways, it is one of the best ongoing series in all of alternative music.

And the latest offering finds current single ‘M1SERY_SYNDROME ‘ getting the treatment.

Where the original is a classic piece of post-hardcore fury and feeling, the One Take version allows the hurt and uncertainty of the words ring out even louder, and set against the grey landscape, they feel all the more powerful.

It’s another firm reminder of what an extraordinary songwriter and musician Joe is.

Here we go:

And here’s what the original song, which features Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen, sounds like:

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