Owl City Releases Energetic New Track ‘Up To The Cloud’

Owl City’s first new solo music in four years is the theme song to the new game Neural Cloud.

Owl City has released a new track, his first on his own since 2018’s ‘Cinematic’.

And such a return needs to be special.

The song is called ‘Up To The Cloud’ and is the theme song of the new game Neural Cloud, an anime-based mobile game.

And it is everything that you would expect from an Owl City epic. Loud melodies, flipping synths and sky-high euphoria, it is as catchy as it is crisp and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Here it is:

And you can listen to a behind the scene explanation of how the song came to be here too:

And to get you caught up, here’s ‘Cinematic’ from 2018:

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