Palaye Royale Release Spanish Version Of ‘Broken’

A really special release from Palaye Royale, who add even more heartbreak to this already heartbreaking track.

Palaye Royale’s new album is dropping next week, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing some extra special bits and pieces too.

And one of those is ‘Destrozado y Roto’, a Spanish language version of ‘Broken’.

The original is already a heartbreaking, sullen and tear-stained beauty, but when delivered with the sharpness of Spanish it takes on a whole different level of devastation.

And Remington absolutely nails the pronunciation, putting his whole soul into every word.

Is there anything this band can’t do?

Have a listen below:

And here’s the original for you:

‘Fever Dream’ will be yours on October 28 via Sumerian Records.

Here’s the title track:

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