Paramore Have Changed The Artwork Of Their Self-Titled Album

Paramore have changed the artwork of their 2013 album to something that reflects where the band is now.

Back in 2013, Paramore released their self-titled album, a record that still shows off their most fun and experimental sides all these years later.

But just now, the band have changed the artwork of the album, according to the listing on Spotify.

The original artwork featured a photo of Hayley Williams, Taylor York and ex-bassist Jeremy Davis coated in different shades of paint.

Jeremy departed from the band in 2015, and a legal dispute followed.

The new artwork now just features Hayley, facing away from the camera and wearing a denim jacket that says ‘GROW UP’ on the back.

It’s a really striking image and one that does perfectly represent the feeling of the album.

Have a look at it below:

If there was a perfect time to listen to ‘Paramore’, it would be now.

Paramore’s new album ‘This Is Why’ is set to be released on February 10 via Atlantic.

Here’s the title track, which just gets better and better with every listen:

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