Paramore’s ‘This Is Why’ Is Radio 1’s Hottest Record Of The Year

Paramore made their return this year, and their comeback single has received Radio 1’s most prestigious title.

Paramore brought themselves back into the spotlight in 2022 by revealing that their new album ‘This Is Why’ is coming next year.

And they launched that with the title track, one of the most danceable, infectious and undeniable pieces of alternative music.

It started out as Radio 1’s Hottest Record In The World and was recently put up for the Hottest Record Of The Year.

And guess what? It won!

That means that forever and ever 2022 will be defined by this track when it comes to Radio 1 history.

How amazing is that?

Hayley Williams had this to say about the achievement:

“We finished in time to get a song out before the end of 2022 and we were so pumped because we really didn’t want the year to end without coming back into the fold. It’s really meaningful because, you and I have talked about this a little bit, but shows that we have played in the UK and specifically fans in the UK have been such a huge inspiration for the entire album and it means a lot, it’s really sweet that this won, what a surprise, it’s crazy.”

And Zac Farro had this to add about the track:

“Taylor kept this song alive for sure. Hayley and I kind of checked out of the record. It was the very last song we wrote for the album so we were like ‘oh we’re good, we’re done, we got ten right?’ I don’t even know if we had that we were just kind of like ‘we’re done right’ and Taylor was like ‘well there’s one more song that has kind of a cool riff and I wanted to open it back up’ and thank god he did because it was the first song we put out and it was the album title.

Going in and making that song was really cool because, not that we put too much pressure on ourselves, but it definitely felt the most free flowing of the whole record it was just kind of like sweet, we can try all of these tricks that we have accumulated along the way. It was really cool, so yeah it was really Taylor who saved the day on that one.”

And finally, Radio 1’s Clara Amfo had this to add:

 “Paramore are a great example of an established band who still make you feel excited and invested in what they do! The list this year was full of bangers but ‘This Is Why’ is instantly anthemic and I’ve no doubt we’re all going to be singing it at the top of our lungs when they hit the UK in April.”

Without further ado, here is the song. Enjoy:

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