phem Releases Infectious New Track ‘never goes down like that’

phem is back and continuing to march to the beat of their own drum in a truly poignant fashion.

phem has shared a new song, and it further showcases just how vast and infinite their inspirations are.

It’s called ‘never goes down like that’ and is a blipping, bold and bright piece of hyper-pop-infused alt loveliness with a tender and vulnerable message at its core.

It also features an appearance from ezekiel who matches the energy wonderfully.

phem had this to say about the track:

“This was a fun session. I walked away from it thinking that the song was ok. And later when listening it kinda hit me harder than I remembered it. almost like I needed to get it off my chest.”

“A lot of things hit me at once in my personal life. things i knew i needed to accept, things that were out of my control and things that i thought had a plan. you start to realize as you grow and move through life that nothing is for sure. you can’t expect anything.”

Here it is:

It follows on from ‘watery’:

Which followed on from ‘brkdwn’, which sounds like this:

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