Phoxjaw Share Dizzying New Track ‘apples’

Phoxjaw get weird and wild on the latest track pulled from their upcoming album ‘notverynicecream’.

Phoxjaw aren’t the type of band to hold back when it comes to making their music as discomforting and discordant as possible.

And that sentiment comes to a head perfectly on their latest track.

It’s called ‘apples’ and is a hellscape of sound in all of the best possible ways.

Hulking riffs, sinister bursts of atmosphere and lyrical turns that will make the skin crawl, it’s a twisted little banger.

The band had this to say about it:

“‘Apples’ is a menacing, disorientating rollercoaster ride that descends into disarray. The intention was to convey the plunge into one’s insanity and asks the age-old question: what has anyone done to deserve certain hardships within life? Taking themes from religion, film and cataclysmic events to ponder this idea. One of the sonically bolder tracks from the up-and-coming album, ‘apples’ sets up the heavy and ugly side of this record.”

Get your head around it right here:

It’s taken from the band’s upcoming full-length ‘notverynicecream’, which will be released on November 11 via Hassle Records.

The album will also feature ‘thesaddestsongever’:

And ‘sungazer’:

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