Polaris Announce New Album ‘Fatalism’

Polaris have unveiled the details of their upcoming new album, ‘Fatalism’, set for release on September 01.

It includes the brand new single ‘Inhumane’ which drummer and songwriter Daniel Furnari says “reflects on the feeling of growing desensitized to death, violence and tragedy due to overexposure.

Check it out below:

On the wider themes of the album, Furnari said ““For us, fatalism is the resignation to the idea that you have no control over certain things, that some things are almost pre-determined and inevitable which seems like a negative and almost fearful notion. But one of the reasons I was drawn to it as a concept and as an album title was that there’s almost a freedom in that idea too. Once you can accept that there are certain things you simply can’t control – it’s actually very liberating.”
He continues “We want people to feel a sense of connection to something outside of themselves when they hear this album. There’s a certain peace that comes with accepting that there are some things larger than yourself and redirecting that fear.”

You can preorder the album right here and check out the artwork and tracklist below:

01. Harbinger
02. Nightmare
03. Parasites
04. Overflow
05. With Regards
06. Inhumane
07. The Crossfire
08. Dissipate
09. Aftertouch
10. Fault Line
11. All In Vein

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