Ryan Oakes & Magnolia Park Team Up On ‘WHITE FLAG’

Ryan Oakes and Magnolia Park are a match made in Heaven on their new collaborative track.

Ryan Oakes is back with another collaboration, and this time he is locking arms with Magnolia Park.

The song is called ‘WHITE FLAG’ and combines the bounce of pop-punk with the darkness of trap-hop to create an infectious, vital and undeniable piece of crossover brilliance.

Both parties bring their A-game, and the result is something very special indeed.

Ryan had this to say about it:

“I believe this song is incredibly unique and that nothings really been made like it yet. I tapped Magnolia Park to jump on the second verse and get out of their comfort zone a bit with the rapping and they absolutely nailed it.”

And Magnolia Park added:

“Ryan asked us to hop on this track with him and we loved the sound. We loved working with him on it and can’t wait to see what he has coming next.”

It follows on from ‘HEAVYWEIGHT’ which features Loveless:

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