Set It Off Release Version Of ‘Why Do I’ Featuring Hatsune Miku

A collaboration unlike any other, Set It Off have teamed up with the innovative Hatsune Miku for a special version of their huge track.

Set It Off have always loved a collaboration, but this one takes it to another level.

They have teamed up with Hatsune Miku.

If you’re not familiar, Hatsune is an innovative and futuristic singing voice synthesizer that has been featured in over 100,000 songs. They are presented in the form of a 16-year-old girl, and their name actually means “The first sound of the future”.

And they have worked together on ‘Why Do I’, turning it into a high-pitched and intensely sweet offering.

It’s unique and incredible.

Drummer Maxx Danziger had this to say about it:

“Set It Off have never been a band that’s fit into a box. If there’s any artist that shares this attitude, it’s the greatest digital pop star of all time — Hatsune Miku. This collab is something we’ve been trying to do for a long time and we’re SO excited that it finally came together. We’re always trying to break the mold and push the envelope of what’s possible and expected in the music industry, and this is a huge step forward in that regard.”

Have a listen below:

And here’s the original, for comparison:

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