Sick Joy Release Thoughtful New Track ‘Painkiller’

Sick Joy are back at it again, and still dealing out the hard-hitting and hopeful rock and roll.

Sick Joy are back with their first new music since the release of their debut album ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F***ING DIE’.

And it’s another belter.

It’s called ‘Painkiller’ and is a gritty piece of British rock and roll fury with a thoughtful sentiment at its core.

It’s another example of how the band serves as a means of figuring out all the feelings that pass through vocalist Mykl Barton, and the result is the sort of music that changes perspectives and alters lives.

Mykl had this to say about it:

“It’s a song about turning the anger, that’s normally directed at myself, when I fall into old habits and behaviours, back out to the reasons and life experiences that sewed them into my life. I can see this survival method is flawed, but I don’t hate myself, I just hate you.”

Let’s go then:

And here’s ‘Don’t Feel Like Dying’ from ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F***ING DIE’:

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