Skin Failure Announce Debut Album ‘Radillac’

Get acquainted with Skin Failure, and prepare for their high-concept debut album.

May we introduce you to Skin Failure, the new band featuring members of Black Peaks, Memory of Elephants, and Kainoah. 

We think you’re going to love them. 

The band have announced the details of their debut album ‘Radillac’, which will be dropping on November 11 via Small Pond. 

It’s set to be a concept album, specifically “the story of an interdimensional ‘Jesus’, flung into amphetamine-powered wormhole and travelling through time and space”

How ace is that?

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Intro l In time and Space
02. Sleeveless Jesus l The Void
03. Meat Pond l Down by the River
04. Skit l Remy LeBeau’s Big Pile of Bones
05. Full Throttle Nothing pt2 l The Montage
06. The Beast Awaketh l A Hole in the Sky
07. Southern Fried Homicide l The Radillac Battle Sequence
08. Give’r By the River l As Bridges Fell (Metal Alarm Call)
09. Radical One l Amphetamine Dreamland

You can hear a taste of it right now as well. That’s in the form of ‘Meat Pond’, a chaotic blend of thrashing intensity and headbang-worthy grit. 

It’s really good fun.

Here it is:

You can also hear ‘Give’r By the River l As Bridges Fell (Metal Alarm Call)’ too:

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