Sleep Token Release Stirring New Track ‘Aqua Regia’

That’s four out of four for Sleep Token, who are grabbing 2023 by the scruff of the neck very early on.

Sleep Token are absolutely spoiling us now.

The band have released their fourth song of the year, and all four have been absolutely spectacular.

The latest offering is ‘Aqua Regia’, which is on the slower and more atmospheric side of the band’s repertoire whilst adding new dimensions as they go.

Free-flowing jazz chords, curious riffs and yet another faultless vocal display from the always dependable Vessel, it’s just an pleasure to be able to watch a band evolve and grow right before your eyes.

Nothing is off the table this year, and Sleep Token are leading the charge with their heads held high.

Have a listen for yourself:

It joins ‘Chokehold’:

‘The Summoning’:

And ‘Granite’:

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