Speed Release Crushing New Track ‘One Blood We Bleed’

Speed continue to show just how fun hardcore should be with their latest pit-spinning anthem.

Speed have had an incredible 2022, spreading their message of unity and togetherness across the world.

And they have just followed up their debut EP with another big hardcore banger.

This one is called ‘One Blood We Bleed’ and further cements their commitment to their friends, family and band in the most crushing and brilliantly catchy way possible.

And the video just adds to that feeling, filmed in Los Angeles and showing off the band having the absolute time of their lives.

It’s the sort of track that shows off the true power of hardcore that it is a community unlike any other that looks out for each other unlike any other.

And more than anything, the focus is on having a good time, because that’s what life is about.

You can check it out below:

And here’s ‘NOT THAT NICE’ from their EP ‘Gang Called Speed’:

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