Spotify Wrapped 2022 Has Launched

It’s that time of year again. Time to see what you have been listening to over on Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped is back for another year. As much a tradition as putting your tree up and picking our advent calendar, you can check out your results right now.

If you’re unfamiliar, all you do is open up your Spotify app on your phone, make sure you have it up to date, and it will be there waiting for you.

Detailing the songs, artists and genres that you have listened to the most over the last 11 months, it’s the most comprehensive look at your listening habits that you will find.

And for 2022, Spotify have added ‘Your Listening Personality’ and ‘Audio Day’ to Spotify Wrapped, taking you even deeper into the feelings surrounding what you have been listening to at different points of the day.

It’s, as always, fascinating.

Get stuck in right HERE

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