Story Of The Year Announce New Album ‘Tear Me To Pieces’

Story Of The Year are back with a new full-length, dealing out some of the huge anthems that they are renowned for.

Story Of The Year have announced that they are going to be releasing a new album next year.

It’s called ‘Tear Me To Pieces’ and it’s going to be dropping on March 10 via SharpTone Records.

Guitarist Ryan Phillips had this to say about it:

I think this album will be a defining moment in our career. When our fans hear it, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shit, these dudes are ready to go!’ This is the sound of a band putting everything into it. If a new band came out with this album, I’d be texting everyone in my band about it.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Tear Me To Pieces
02. Real Life
03. Afterglow
04. Dead And Gone
05. War
06. Can’t Save You
07. 2005
08. Sorry About Me
09. Take The Ride
10. Knives Out
11. Use Me

The band have also released a new track from it, which is actually the title track.

It’s a huge anthem, full of huge melodies and potent feeling.

Ryan had this to say about it:

“Perhaps more than any song on the record, ‘Tear Me to Pieces’ checks all of the boxes in regards to what best defines Story Of The Year – anthemic pop choruses balanced with guttural screams, high energy punk rock inspired drums, dark-ish lyrics, and aggressive guitar riffs. This one song runs the gamut.”

And vocalist Dan Marsala had this to add:

“This song fully represents the lyrical and musical vibe of the entire album. That’s why we chose it to be the opening track and album title as well. ‘Tear Me To Pieces’ puts you in the right mindset to hear the best record Story Of The Year has recorded in a long time.

You can also hear ‘Real Life’ now as well:

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