The Dirty Nil announce new album ‘Free Rein To Passions’ with single ‘Nicer Guy’

The Dirty Nil have announced brand-new album ‘Free Rein To Passions’ via new single ‘Nicer Guy’.

The new track is the Canadian rocker’s first new music of 2023, following the release of ‘Bye Bye Big Bear’ at the end of last year.

It arrives with a tongue-in-cheek video that you can check out below.

‘Nicer Guy’ lays down the marker for the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Free Rein To Passions’, which arrives on 26 May.

Describing what’s in store for the new record, Dirty Nil frontman Luke Bentham has compared it to the band’s previous record Fuck Art, released in 2021, saying:

“Fuck Art had a lot of singing on it. There were not a lot of parts where you could just jam out on riffs.” 

“Free Rein to Passions is a bit of a nastier record where we didn’t sweat the small insignificant details. If it sounded cool, we went with it.”

You can check out the full track-listing of ‘Free Rein to Passions’ below

1. Celebration

2. Nicer Guy

3. Undefeated

4. Atomize Me

5. Land Of Clover

6. Blowing Up Things In The Woods

7. Stupid Jobs

8. 1990

9. Free Rein to Passions

10. The Light The Void and Everything

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