The Hunna Release Huge New Track ‘Apologies’

The Hunna’s new album is going to be yours next week, but for now, there’s one more insanely catchy track to obsess over.

The Hunna’s self-titled new album is set to drop next week, so they have shared one more taster to tide you over.

And it’s a cracker.

It’s called ‘Apologies’ and is a down-tuned slacker anthem, but one with a big story at the centre of it.

Vocalist Ryan Potter had this to say:

“‘Apologies’ is a song about someone trying to take revenge on an ex by using a third party that wasn’t involved which in turn causes a ripple effect of destruction. The main message of the song is ‘you don’t need to use me to get your revenge, just go out there and be yourself.’”

And the video is as classic as it gets. Suburban life being interrupted by the sound of the lads belting one out.
Ryan added this:

“When we recorded this song we wanted it to feel like a garage band, which is how we started together. So it only made sense to shoot it in a garage and with our musical influences we wanted it to have a throwback feel to the likes of Bowling for Soup, Weezer etc and have some fun with it!”

So yeah, as we said. ‘The Hunna’ will be released on October 28 via Believe.

It will also feature ‘Trash’:

And ‘Fugazi’:

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