The Wonder Years Release Gorgeous Extended Version Of ‘Summer Clothes’

The Wonder Years have shared a new version of their beautifully nostalgic track, and it is even more poignant, powerful and perfect.

The Wonder Years have shared a new version of ‘Summer Clothes’, one of the many highlights from their stunning 2022 album ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’.

The original is a stirring and sensational piece of nostalgia, focusing on the importance of loving the little things that life has to offer and the joy that comes from sharing it with others. An acoustic-builder that hits you square in the heart.

And the extended version adds three minutes of instrumental beauty to the tail-end of the track, wrapping itself around you in a comforting way that will leave you smiling by the time it fades away.

It’s emotional, ethereal and utterly excellent, everything that perfectly defines The Wonder Years.

Vocalist Dan Campbell had this to say about it, and it may resonate with you:

“It’s a love letter to a time when your sadness was most conspicuous by its momentary absence, when the low hum quieted enough for you to realize it.”

Here it is, enjoy:

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