This Website Makes A Festival Line-Up From Your Spotify Habits

By taking your most-listened-to artists, this website creates a music festival that would be absolutely perfect for you.

Do you ever look at a festival line-up and think, “I wish all of these bands that I love were playing this”?

Well, unfortunately, things don’t work like that, but with this website, you can see what a festival catered solely to you would look like.

That website is Instafest.

All you have to do is log into your Spotify account, and the site does the rest.

Taking your most-listened-to artists from the past four weeks, six months and of all time, and presenting them in a three-day extravaganza that you will wish was happening next Summer, it’s a wonderful insight into who you are as a music fan.

Here’s an example of the result.

Looking pretty good, right? See you there?


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