Thornhill Have Had All Of Their Gear Stolen

Horrible news coming from Camp Thornhill.

Thornhill have revealed that they have been robbed.

The band’s rehearsal space has been targeted and all of the gear and possessions have been taken, totalling over $100,000.

You can read a full statement below on what has taken place:

“Sometime in the last few days our rehearsal space had been broken into and most of everything Thornhill and our members own has been stolen. The site where our rehearsal space is located had a major fire, and so no video evidence was captured as it had cut all power to the entire block.

This is a devastating blow to the band after the last year we have had trying to get back on track mentally, gearing up for a big year of touring, however with this incident nearing $100,000 worth of belongings stolen, including drums, cymbals, IEM racks, Merch, cases, banners and personals being amongst the things stolen from the premises.

We have insurance, however, with CCTV footage and only a police report to go by we can only assume that we won’t recover any of our costs back.

We are working closely with our agents in regards with our upcoming New Zealand and Australian tours to see if we can make things work, however, we are trying our best to put these shows on for you.

If you can spare anything, it would mean the world to us as we are trying to find a way to get back on our feet and keep this band alive.

Please donate if you can and share around, love as always.

Jacob, Ethan, Ben and Nick”

If you can help the band in any way, you can donate to them right HERE

The band released their latest album ‘Heroine’ last year.

Here is ‘Raw’:

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